Sunday, September 13, 2015

Video Blogging Ninja Style

My personal brand strategy is an eclectic training approach to solving training problems. Because my job is to fix problems I need to constantly add tools to my toolbox. When it comes to training videos, my favorite way to increase my expertise is to watch a bunch of training videos. Individuals video blogging give advise (training), that’s one reason people watch them. My goal is to determine why do people watch them, what techniques does the producer use to get high amounts of traffic and what makes the video good?

Lets take a look at a Ninja Training Video Blog for example:

Good Technique:

-      At 55 Seconds into the video you can see that producer uses a separate video screen showing the technique the narrator is talking about. I like the technique; especially early when the narrator is using vocabulary the audience has not learned yet.

Bad Technique:

-      During the first portion of the video the narrator is providing an introduction with his assistant standing next to him. Personally, I think the assistant should not be standing next to the narrator during the introduction; it’s distracting and awkward.

I want to learn from my peers, determine what they do well and then I imitate it and hopefully get it right, and if I don’t I can always learn how to be a Ninja!

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