Sunday, August 30, 2015

Oh..........The Awkward Introduction

How exactly do you begin with the introductory blog? Do you begin with the traditional AA intro, Hi my name is Garret and I am in a social media class, or the online dating profile?

Name: Garret
Age: 28
Sex: sometimes
Interests: I love the outdoors, I love hiking, and I love hanging with friends. Oh, I almost forgot, I love long walks on the beach!

I personally prefer my introduction be more wholesome and pure, I want people to get to know me in a way only algorithms can….through

How would Facebook introduce me?

Worked: U.S. Navy
Studied: Columbia College
Lives: Washington
Born: July 1987
His sports teams are: Seattle Sounders FC, Dallas Cowboys,
He likes: Space Jam, The Walking Dead, Alas Babylon, Sid Meier’s Civilization, and mountain biking (consult the pic)------------->

I worked for the local COOP in Hinton, OK when I was 16.  The manager of the COOP’s name was Mike. Mike could barely even spell Internet more or less use it. That being said, Mike is one of the best people I know and is a pretty good hand when it comes to marketing. His marketing strategy wasn’t gimmicky or focused on keywords it was focused on a few principles that are easy to say, but not so easy to accomplish.

Be the expert
Establish a network of loyal customers
Be that person everyone wants to be around

I want to learn how to create that type of loyal following online, and apply it to small businesses. How do you create a small town feel on a large scale, and how do you replicate it for small businesses?

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